Website Strategy Workshop

Website Strategy Workshop

R 4 800 for:

  • website research and review
  • 2 hour website strategy workshop
  • website strategy report

Discover what your website’s core value proposition should be, what your target audience wants, how to give them what they want and get what you want and how to measure the success of your efforts. Do it before you start designing your website and save thousands!

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How will a website strategy help you?

Discover your website’s true value proposition

Your website strategy workshop begins with a discovery phase. We uncover what your website’s true value proposition should be. By getting really specific about who you are as a business and what you have to offer your target audience we are able to position your website and business for success.

Find out what your target audience’s real needs are

A website strategy that only identifies who your target audience is only half a website strategy. We need to identify their current situation, what their challenges are and what keeps them up at night. By being able to put into words these real needs your website will identify with them on a deeper level and encourage real engagement.

Learn how to get your target audience to ask for more

A great website strategy is part science and part magic. Being able to help your target audience to visualise their goals, dreams, outcomes and success using your services and products we will be writing a new story. This new reality that we weave features your audience as the hero and your business as their problem solver.

Measure the real return of your efforts

You can have the best website strategy that money can buy, but if you can’t implement it and measure the results it produces you may as well have not had one in the first place. Your website strategy needs to include custom calls to action that visitors cannot ignore. By measuring the success of each of these you’ll be able to fine tune your message to bring in the best results possible.