Do you want a fast, secure website that is always live, optimised and kept up to date?

“What ‘technical’ things need to be considered when building a website?”

The most important technical considerations are the optimisation, hosting, security and ongoing updates to your website. Ignoring these usually results in not being found by search engines, slow website performance, malware & hacking attacks and your website breaking due to outdated software.


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Optmising your website pages properly results in search engines finding and indexing it easily. When done right your SEO efforts will improve the page rank of your site and help it move up in search results. Creating uniquely valuable pages for specific target audiences that are likely to earn shares naturally while using critical elements like page titles, headlines and the content itself is the best form of website optimisation there is.


We host our clients’ websites on WordPress specific cloud servers. Because they are specifically made for WordPress and don’t share resources with hundreds of other websites.


Our motto is the old adage of “better safe than sorry”. Proactive website security prevents hacking attempts or malware to take hold in the first place. Fixing a security problem after it becomes a problem is always more difficult than preventing it in the first place.


WordPress releases incremental updates at least once a month with full version updates once a year. All themes and plugins follow suite and need to be updated too. Failure to do this results in gaps in your security. We make sure that your website and all of it’s extensions are up to date all the time.

We received quotes from other companies that promised the same solutions and service, yet yours come out more cost effective in the end and we preferred your working style.

Andrew Burns, IT Manager, Dial a Nerd

Your understanding of what a creative company want and needs exceeded our expectations.

Jenny Honey, Managing Director, Profit Partnership

Your professional approach and web design expertise contributed greatly to making this a pleasant experience. From the response so far I think we have nailed it!

Michael Gill, Managing Director and Chief Designer, Michael Gill Designs

My very first website and blog have just gone live and I am thrilled! Thank you so much!

Jeanne Beukes, Business Owner, Flow Coaching

The website is stunning!

Dean Armstrong, Managing Director, Ergosystem

Electric Pencil were professional and flexible and turned the project around in very quick time. I would highly recommend their services to anyone who needs a website done well, on time and in budget.

Naina Jivan, Associate at GLH & Associates Architects

Thank you for creating a website for Hotel Lamunu that is true to our brand and identity. Your perseverance and determination to balance the creative and business requirements along with your flexibility throughout the process has been appreciated.

Trevor Latimer, Consultant, Latimer & Associates

I love it! I love it! I love it!

Sharon Mans, Brand Manager, South Point