Advanced Content Package

Advanced Content Package

R 5 000 p/m for:

  • 8 x blog posts of 350 – 400 words each that are researched and written from scratch, following blogging guidelines
  • 1 x set of 40 tweets which is two per day, 5 days a week to keep your profile active
  • 10 x Facebook updates encourage interaction and engagement with your audience

Add R 500 p/m:

  • We’ll post your content live for you

Benefits of the four main written content types.

Blog posts

By adding fresh, new, relevant blog posts to your website on a regular basis you create opportunities to develop your relationship with your target audience by providing them with useful information. You can also allow them to create content for you with their comments to specific posts. Blog posts also raise your search engine ranking organically.


Providing other websites with relevant, keyword rich articles that link to your website you can create more opportunities for search engines to find you. The articles create backlinks to your website which in turn elevate the relevance of your content during Google searches.

Facebook updates

Facebook provides a unique opportunity to communicate with your target audience on a social level. It also gives them an informal way to engage with your brand in ways that they wouldn’t normally do. Your content on Facebook is also in the perfect place to be shared across your target audiences own social network.


Twitter is no longer only being used by people to stay in touch with the latest news about personalities. More and more people are using Twitter to stay informed about topics that are relevant to their business, or as a search engine to find service providers and to see what others are saying about certain things to help them make decisions themselves.